A Star in Life!

Navneeth M.S., a small little 12 year old boy from Thuruth (Aluva), but a Star in Life!His eyes cannot see the beautiful world around him, but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying his world!! Be it in swimming, playing the Mridungam, Cricket,singing, using gadgets and what not..

It is strange that even with all the power to see this world, many still live in darkness. A question that might arise is – What is darkness? I guess Darkness simply the absence of light. The light that shows the way, the light that makes things clear, the light that makes us feel safe and secure, the light that makes us smile…Yes it is us to decide if we want to make our world a Heaven or Hell…When one door is closed, let’s not miss to see the many other doors that are opened for us…

Perhaps all we need is the heart to feel the light and sense to follow it….!
This little boy teaches us to overcome our fears and get going in life..to lighten our own little worlds..