Every child is a gift from Heaven…

Every child is a gift from Heaven. An angel delivered to earth packaged with utmost care and innocence. But why is it that living on earth makes the same child learn to shed off this very innocence with which we came into this world.

It was very refreshing to meet a new friend as part of my channel trips. This guest was special. A lady who is mentally challenged, yet has already marked her presence, not locally but globally!! This is Bincy John from Piravam. But I stand corrected. Today Bincy is not just Bincy, but Olympian Gold Medalist Bincy John who won the gold medals in 200 meters, 4 X 100 meters Relay Race @ Los Angelus, USA Special Olympics 2015.

Maybe she doesn’t even know the glory of her achievements. For her what matters is to run and defeat her peers. She gradually let go of her physical pains, laziness and even her long hair. If someone like Bincy could learn to obey and follow despite her status, isn’t it a wonder that we cannot.

So a humble but basic doubt that remains in my mind is…. Who is really the normal person here? – the challenged who overcome their hurdles or the normal who continue to crib of their struggles?

Hmm.. Time to think seriously.