God’s extended hand on earth…

A doctor is seen as God’s extended hand on earth. A hand that can touch to feel, to heal, to reduce pain and to console.. Dr. Josy Judeson is a renowned Homeopathy doctor who is acclaimed to be a gifted doctor and even more a good human being.

Spina Bifida is a condition where the human body will not be able to alight or walk, and the head will be comparatively bigger than the rest of the body. This was exactly the case when Dr. Judeson was born. The struggles he faced while fighting this physical condition could only pull him back from becoming a sought after professional. Despite the pain, ignorance and helplessness he faced all the while, he was inspired by his own doctor who was busy treating patients with utmost love and care even in a wheelchair! All he did is follow his heart’s saying, inspite being in a coastal area like Vypin.

So Commendable is his desire to be able to help others in need, even without considering his own condition or complaining about his shortcomings. He taught me that it is so wrong to grumble to God about the sufferings in life. But to accept all struggles in life unconditionally and just ‘Be Happy’; something that not many without physical challenges can do.

Let’s remember that only if we try something can we know if we can accomplish it!!
Simply preaching and not really doing doesn’t really take you to places.